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Friday, April 1, 2011

Finishing the "Fish" stand - brushing is for the birds!

How many times can I say this? I LOVE my 3M/Accuspray HVLP spray finishing system!  Yesterday I finished building a rolling fan/filter and some knock-down walls for my shop spray booth.  Today, I sprayed water-borne clear coat onto my mahogany aquarium stand and my "fish" stand

As I get better at spraying, and I learn more about how to use the various parameters of the spray system to spray more types of finish, I wonder if I'll ever brush or rub a finish again. 

Here are some pics of life inside the booth.  A few key lessons I've learned: a lazy-susan is critical for getting all sides of a piece in one spray session (see my video above).  Also, a garden hose valve to control air pressure at the gun helps to spray viscous finishes without adding fancy solvents.  Adjusting the travel of the air pin is also a good way to control the force of the spray, which is great for getting really good control, laying down thin coats, and totally avoiding the chance of drips and sags.

The star of the show: my Accuspray gun

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