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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fish Stand

Recently, I was told my work looked cliche, and that I didn't appear to have pushed myself much in the year I've been making furniture.  So I'm trying to branch out, and try out some new techniques.  This aquarium stand, for a 20 gallon 'tall' tank, is one attempt at pushing myself.  This cabinet features cutouts I made on the band saw.  Since it's a fish tank stand, I made a fish motif for the center stile for the door, with some "leafy" accent pieces on the door corner.

The handle was also made on the band saw, with the "finger slot" cut on the band saw with the handle held at an angle with a bench clamp.

The stand is made of ash, with maple veneer plywood panels.  The door rides on Blum soft-close hinges, my first time using this style of hinge.

I'll post pictures of the piece with its final, water-borne poly finish, when it's done.

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