welcome to my blog

designing and building with wood channels my creativity and challenges my mind.
This blog is a record of my life in my studio.


I love to repair furniture, because it gives me insight into how furniture is designed.  I have also found that almost everybody has a piece of broken furniture they'd love to have fixed.  There is a ton of great furniture out there, and restoration is an economical way to acquire well-built, beautiful, and even collectible furniture.

When I say restoration, I'm talking about more than just gluing the thing back together.  Sure, I use glue (and gentle clamping pressure with cork-lined clamps) to bring a piece together, but I also rebuild and re-machine disintegrated joints if necessary, and I can even fabricate replacement parts.

I also have the tools to re-create nearly any molding, turned legs, chair splats, curved edges, and even bent-wood pieces like chair backs and arms.  With my growing experience with the full spectrum of professional, traditional finishing techniques, I use dye, stain, paint, glaze, clear coats, oils, shellac, varnish, lacquer, and "antiquing" methods to make most repairs practically invisible.  

To inquire about getting a piece of your furniture restored to its original glory, email me at  sales "at" wineondeck dotcom  with some information about your piece.