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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eden's Bird House

My daughter has started taking a wood shop class at the Eliot School for Fine Arts in Jamaica Plain, MA.  Of course she likes wood shop, 'cuz she loves her daddy :)

But the real reason she's taking the class is because I am training under the teacher Mario Rubio, so that I can start teaching wood shop to kids at the Eliot School nine weeks from now.  We had a great time at the first class session, and Mario is an excellent teacher.  But Eden and I decided to do a little practicing on our own this weekend, so on Saturday we fired up the studio and got to work on a bird house.

First we marked out our plywood for the walls, roof, and floor of the bird house.  This was also when Eden made the preliminary sketches for the exterior, which she plans to paint later.  She's a natural!  Now, our bird house is ready to go, except for some dowels for the birds to sit on (their front porch, as it were), and putting on the roof, which we have left off so that Eden can install some bird furniture later.

My best work so far.  Thanks Eden!

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