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Thursday, April 7, 2011

90 Gallon "Tall" stand now on sale at Skipton's

My most recent 90 gallon aquarium stand is now on sale at Skipton Unique Aquaria and Reptiles.  The stand is a big improvement over my last 90 gallon stand: I used 1/2" plywood panels this time, rather than 1/4" panels, and I made a removable center "light block bar".  The light block bar allows me to build the stand with regular overlay doors and block any gaps between the doors (so you can't see what's in the cabinet), but then get full-width access to the cabinet when you need to add or remove a big sump. 

I also improved my finishing technique with this stand.  I used water-based black stain first (way better coverage than oil-based black), then sprayed on two coats of clear polycrylic, dyed black with Trans-Tint water-soluble black dye.  I have nearly perfected my air pressure/fluid tip/ air cap settings to spray this water-borne finish smoothly and without flaws.

...and now you don't!
now you see the center bar...

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