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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A special message from US Plastic Corp.

I am trying out a new technique for aquarium canopies: using PVC angle iron for the "feet" of the canopy, where the canopy rests on the top lip of the tank.  I wanted to use plastic instead of wood, since saltwater spray is inevitable so close to the water's surface.  Searching online, I found the best price for PVC angle at US Plastic Corp, and I ordered two 5-foot lengths. 

The product was everything I expected - and more: along with my angle iron and receipt came a little booklet: Stories of Hope.  On page 10 was a "Prayer of Acceptance", which US Plastics encouraged me to sign and send back to them, post paid. 

Apparently, US Plastic's CEO is hopeful his booklet's stories of Jesus-driven success will encourage me to likewise give myself to Jesus. 

I thought about writing to US Plastics, to ask them to please not send me religious propaganda along with any future orders.  but then I realized: If I do that, then I'll just be another one of those kooks. 

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