welcome to my blog

designing and building with wood channels my creativity and challenges my mind.
This blog is a record of my life in my studio.


Welcome to my photo gallery. These are pictures of a few of my pieces. They're generally in order of most recent to least recent.  The two top pieces represent my recent practice in using hand tools. The surfaces are planed smooth, rather than sanded, and the traditional joinery is cut by hand with chisels and a Japanese dozuki saw.

As you go back in time, you'll see more and more aquarium stands. Aquarium cabinets make for perfect learner's projects: it's easy enough to make a custom aquarium stand that can sell for good money, and their simple cabinet construction is great for practicing fundamentals of cabinet making. Plus, I have kept fish and reefs all my life.

I've made so many aquarium stands, I can confidently say nobody builds a better one. My aquarium cabinets are for fish ninjas, by fish ninjas!

I use DMT 1 micron diamond paste on a hard felt wheel to get my plane blades and chisels super-sharp.