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Monday, March 28, 2011

My next project: a pedestal stand for the Fluval Micro Tank

My next project is a special commission for Skipton Unique Aquaria & Reptiles.  Skipton's sells (among MANY other things) a cool micro setup from Fluval.  The setup consists of a 5.5 gallon acrylic tank, roughly cuboid in shape.  It includes lights, decor, and chemicals for a complete aquarium setup.  Fluval makes three variants on the system: a freshwater, reef, and a "shrimp habitat". 

Brendan from Skipton gave me one of Fluval's micro systems so I could design and build a special stand for the tanks, which are popular with a variety of customers, including those looking for a small and elegant aquarium for their home or condo. 

I am excited to start this project, as it offers me a chance to create a custom design that can be made multiple times, in a variety of finishes.

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