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Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Custom Aquarium Furniture: Now Available at Skipton's Unique Aquaria

My custom aquarium stands, both in standard and non-standard sizes, are now available on the showroom floor at Skipton Unique Aquaria and Reptiles

I continue to refine my designs and materials when it comes to aquarium furniture.  Everything from what species of wood I use in the frames, to better looking and more durable finishes, is improved with every iteration.

I am especially excited to make the several custom jobs currently in the queue, including a couple of bow-front stands, which will be my first foray into bent-wood furniture construction.

I have to give special credit to the members of the Boston Reefers Society community, through whose forums I have gleaned lots of useful information.  Thanks BRS!  And thanks to Brendan at Skipton's.

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