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Friday, April 27, 2012

Max the Whale a big hit at Sault New England

Max the Whale has made a big splash in the South End, Boston! After originally showing up in the seasonally warming waters of Sault New England, thanks to Philip, Sault's proprietor, Max has been fished to near-extinction.

Thankfully, Boulter Plywood in Somerville has a ready supply of Max's lifeblood: 5/8" 100% mahogany marine plywood. This Sunday, I'll be working as fast as I can to make more Maxes. Philip has doubled the size of his next order, anticipating even greater demand for Max's debonair style and sink-proof cork feet.

Experts predict extreme
fluctuations in the population of Maxes in the South End, as party-goers, lulled by spring's warm breezes, make last-minute gift purchases. Expect to see Max all over Southern New England and the Cape, from Woods Hole to Wellfleet.

Make no mistake: Max is still made 100% by hand. And he is available direct from me, or at Sault New England, 577 Tremont St., the South End, Boston. Call Philip at (857) 239 9434, then head down to Sault, a gift boutique with style unlike anything else in Boston. Tell him Isaac and Maja sent you, and you're there to Save the Whales.

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