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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Maggi Steff 2048 Power Feed

I recently purchased a power feed for my shop, for hands-free cutting on the 5hp table saw, and hands-free, smooth cutting on my 3hp shaper. I was lucky to find a Maggi Steff 2048 4-wheel, 1hp feeder on eBay for a mere
$850 including shipping. The seller, Jason (jte7714) was nice and seems to have a lot of woodworking machinery for sale. The item arrived as described and was insured.

Before I can begin using the feeder, I need to build a rolling stand so I can move it between the saw and the shaper. Also, the 2048 is wired for 440v 3 phase power. I am currently looking for information on how to wire the switch in the 2048 for 230v, and in the process I have found some useful links for anybody trying to service a Maggi feeder.

First is the North Amercian distributor for Maggi feeders, Woodworking Machinery Distributors USA. The importer for Maggi products into the USA is Woodtech International. Woodtech is handling support and parts sales for Maggi machines. I got this info from an interesting thread on the Sawmill Creek forums, which is a great place for woodworkers looking to connect with other woodworkers.

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