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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Welcome to the Wicked Hi-Fi Blog! Wicked Hi-Fi is born of my love for vintage stereo and home theater (HT) electronics. I recently decided, after several months of exploring the secondary market for stereo and HT gear, to turn my old apartment (which is commercially zoned, strangely) into an invitation-only vintage stereo and HT store.

I am almost finished cleaning up the place, and I have set up a nice vintage Onkyo TX-840 receiver, an Adcom speaker switcher, CD/DVD player, and three icons of the vintage loudspeaker canon: Bose 901 (Series VI), Klipsch Heresy (Series 1, refurbished), and Bang&Olufsen Redline RL 60.2. They all sound great! This is the first time I have gotten the 901's to sound any good, and I would be happy to help anybody having trouble getting the best out of these speakers.

Put this blog in your RSS feed or favorites, and come back often for updates on inventory, invitations to our launch party (sometime this December, 2009), and my thoughts and ruminations on the hi-fi market.  If you don't know much about stereos or HT, and you are in the market, look around here, on the Wicked Hi-Fi website, and my "Hi-Fi University" articles that give you the straight dope on whats good and what's not.  If you know a bit about this stuff, you may find my point of view intriguing, annoying, or eye-opening.  Either way, take a look around.  there's a lot to see and read here.  And of course, at my new invitation-only store, there's a lot to listen to!

Drop a comment or an email to isaacvw at gmail dot com.

Happy Hunting!

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