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Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Dynaco ST70 Arrives, Working but Dirty

I have always wanted a tube amplifier.  Not a tube-based guitar amp, but a home hi-fi amplifier.  Something like a McIntosh MC-250 or Dynaco ST70 (here is a link to a good ST-70 repair and sales shop), two of the most popular tube amps in U.S. Hi-Fi history.  Nowadays, tube amps are still produced by niche hi-fi manufacturers.  There are also a number of tube amp kits available today as well - from companies like Velleman,

Tube amplifiers have a reputation for being for "audiophiles-only", but I have a feeling that if more people ever saw a tube amp, let alone spoke to somebody who owns one, these beautiful, elegant, amplifiers would be far more popular. 

So I decided to add one more person to the list of tube amp owners: me. 

When I unwrapped my "new" ST-70, I was pleased to see all of the precious vacuum tubes still intact.  When I finally turned it on all the way and hooked it up to a pair of 1960's vintage Klipsch Heresys (with refurbished drivers, of course), I was pleased.  Very pleased.  But I can't give my full report yet: I had to run off for the weekend before my new tubes warmed up. 

For now, here are some pics:

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