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Monday, October 17, 2011

My second table for Five Horses Tavern is finished

the second table
I have completed the second of two commissions by the owner of Five Horses Tavern in Davis Square for solid wood table tops.  The first top, completed in September, was to be reminiscent of Wine on Deck's Wine Wings, the second, a "matching" top with to complement the first table.

the first table
Both tables are now installed in the Tavern.  Attaching the solid wood tops to the iron pedestal bases required the use of plywood "interfaces" that allowed me to screw the bases to the table tops along a single center line, and then use table clips to secure the top to the plywood.  This allows the table to expand and contract freely over the seasons, and should prevent it from warping or cupping.

We shall see!  I am excited because this is my first time making something for a commercial client, which will be on view by hundreds of people every day.

The second top also represents the first project I made with my new Robland X31.  The X31's 12" jointer allowed me to use 12" wide boards in the glue-up.  I found an amazing 13" wide walnut board for this purpose, and it gives the table an excellent warm feeling.

See the table at Five Horses Tavern, 400 Highland Ave., Somerville, MA.   

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