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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Five Horses Tavern in Davis Square: A place to see my work

I'm happy to announce that an example of my work is on display in a restaurant!  Not only that, but the place - Five Horses Tavern in Davis Square on the Cambridge/Somerville/Medford line - happens to be an awesome place.  Five Horses is, at heart, a beer bar.  They have fifteen feet of taps behind the bar, cases upon cases of cold bottles, as well as a rotating cast of rare specialties. 

But Five Horses also has a big selection of nice wines, as well as a drink menu that includes the industry's favorite beverages.  The bar has been busy ever since they opened at the beginning of the month. 

A lot of people are coming in for dinner, too.  I know that the management is putting a lot of work into the menu and the kitchen, so this must be paying off. 

Right now, I have a dining table in Five Horses (see pic).  And I'm about to start a second table, for the same dining room. 

Why not head over to 400 Highland Ave. and check it out?

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  1. Beautiful contrasting combination of light and darker wood. I logged several Walnut trees and a couple cherry, they have been in the barn for 30years waiting for something like this.