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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wine Bars: the New Product from Wine on Deck

Now available at www.wineondeck.com

I am pleased to announce the arrival of the Wine Bar, an innovative new product from Wine on Deck. Wine Bars come a year after the introduction of Wine Wings, Wine on Deck's first consumer product. With a similar design aesthetic to Wine Wings, Wine Bars are nevertheless incredibly useful and flexible wine storage racks, that can keep up to a case of wine "on display and out of the way".

Currently, I'm offering hand-made Wine Bars in 100% solid, local flamed cherry hardwood.   Soon, I'll have a few available in curly maple, and by late July 2011 I plan to have some Wine Bars done in the classic Wine Wing pattern (curly maple and purple heart).

Wine bars mount easily to a wall stud, into plaster & lathe, cabinet panels, and even concrete.  Just locate the position of the dovetail on the wall, drill three pilot holes, and fasten the dovetail.  Then, simply slide the Wine Bar over the dovetail, push in the two locking pins, and you're ready to load the Wine Bar with up to 12 bottles of wine from any region in the world.

Wine bars are left-handed, meaning the bottles lie flat against the wall, to the left of the Wine Bar.  Right-handed versions are available by special request.

Key to making the Wine Bar work on nearly any vertical surface - and yet show no exposed screws or hardware -  took a lot of design work, as well as trial and error tests of around a dozen different ideas.  Eventually, I settled on the unique "pinned sliding dovetail" joint found between every Wine Bar and the wall.

I'm pleased things worked out this way, as I much prefer to have an all-wood product, and didn't like any of the metal fasteners and clips available.  Yes, long sliding dovetails like the ones used in Wine Bars do require impeccable craftsmanship...but hey, if you got it, flaunt it, right?

You can see more pictures, and learn more about Wine Bars, by visiting the Wine on Deck Website.

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