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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Laminated scrap table project

The Wine on Deck shop creates very little scrap these days.  But this wasn't always true, and so there was a box full of laminated off-cuts in the corner of the shop for months.  I decided to make some table tops out of the scraps.  i got three tops out of the scraps, and decided to tackle each on individually, in order to learn as much as I could about apron & leg design while making three different tables. 

Each top was made from long strips of laminated off-cuts (Wine Wing fans may recognize some familiar pinstripe patterns) turned on their sides and glued together.  I then took to the rough panels with my scrub plane, then the jack, then my huge 1950's wooden jointer plane, then my cabinet scraper.  Finally, I sanded with 220-grit with my Festool rotex.

To get a super-smooth look from the glued-up top, I first sealed the pores will Crystal-lac grain filler. 
Then, in a fit of overkill, I rubbed in pumice and shellac.  After that dried, I sanded lightly and rubbed on some oil/urethane topcoat, which sweated for a week.  Stumped, I decided to build the base (at right).

The legs on this table seem impossibly long and thin.  they taper from 3/4" at the top to 5/8" at the bottom, and are around 18" tall.  too tall, perhaps?  but the table is remarkably sturdy.  Still, this is no table for a house with kids.  I am going to think about it for a bit, then perhaps shorten the legs.

So far, the learning is proceeding as expected, and I'm getting some nice looking results!

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